Georg Meier

Name: Georg Meier
Age: 25
Country: Germany
World rank: No. 120

Georg Meier is currently the German number four with an Elo rating of 2640, giving him a world ranking of 113. Now studying in the USA, he's another German hope for the GRENKE Chess Classic. Before commencing his studies he played for OSG Baden-Baden and is still registered as an active member.

Georg can boast numerous national and international successes. In 2003 he became the German U16 Champion and in 2006 he won the First Saturday GM Tournament in Budapest. He later won the Junior German Internet Championship and in 2009 he finished 12th in the European Championship, only half a point behind the leaders. He followed that by winning the Category 13 tournament in Pamplona, the ZMDI Open in Dresden and the Zurich Christmas Open in 2010.

Georg won the most important game of his career to date against Sergei Movsesian at the European Team Championship, helping the German team to a historic title. He’s known as a very combative and well-prepared player, which he proved at the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting tournaments in 2011 and 2012. It will be very interesting to follow his appearance at the GRENKE Chess Classic.

Georg is looking forward to the tournament with great anticipation. As a child he studied a lot of the games from the tournaments played in Baden-Baden in 1870 and 1925, so for him taking part in the current tournament is a small dream come true. His goal is to score at least 50% and above all to enjoy his chess.