Rules & regulations

The GRENKE Chess Classic is a double round-robin grandmaster tournament with six players. The average Elo based on the FIDE rating list for February 1, 2013 is 2714, making it a Category 19 event.

The tournament is taking place from the 7th to the 17th February with one rest day on Tuesday 12th February. The schedule can be found at the following LINK.

Time control: 100 min/40 moves + 50 min/20 moves + 15 min/rest of the game with a 30 sec increment from the first move.

Draws: no draw agreements before move 40

Scoring system: classical

Tiebreakers (except for first place): number of wins, wins with Black, head-to-head score

Only for a tie for 1st place: a play-off with 2 games at 10 min + 2 sec/move; then if scores remain tied, 2 games at 5 min + 2 sec/move; if still equal an Armageddon game will be played at 6 min for White vs. 5 min for Black + 2 sec/move (in case of a draw the player with Black wins the tournament)

Default time: max. 30 minutes

Other rules: players should attend a press conference after each game

Chief arbiter: Dr. Markus Keller

Live commentary: 
IM Lawrence Trent in English for the live internet broadcast
GM Klaus Bischoff and GM Sebastian Siebrecht in German for spectators in the playing hall via headphones